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Casbah 25 mixtape by Tim Mays

Casbah25 Tim Mays 2

Mark your calendars for Thursday, January 23rd, San Diego.

In celebration of the Casbah’s 25th anniversary, Tim Mays — co-founder of the Casbah and icon of the San Diego music scene — will recount tales from the history of this legendary venue in a personal interview, along with surprise musical guests.

A great supporter of the arts, Tim Mays has launched the careers of local performers and brought thousands of nationally known acts to San Diego. Up-and-coming and established artists alike have performed on the Casbah stage — from The White Stripes, to Arcade Fire, Sharon Jones, The Black Keys, Modest Mouse, Bon Iver, The Silent Comedy, Rocket from the Crypt, and Pinback.

Relive 25 years of the Casbah with Tim Mays as you take a listen to his #casbah25 mix below and prepare yourself for this grand event! Event details and tickets at

Poster credit: Josh Higgins 

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Download the mixtape


  1. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Brenda: JSBX played the old Casbah opening for the Jesus Lizard in 1990 and it was one of the most epic shows still to this day!  They’ve been back a few times since then and are still one of my faves.
  2. The Cult – Nirvana: They played at the club on June 8, 1999 under the name The Tluc – the set was non stop hit after hit!
  3. The White Stripes – Fell in Love with a Girl: Their first gig at the club was June 2000 and they got added to a bill for one of our doormen’s birthday party at the last minute.  There were maybe 100 people there.  Came back in December that year and sold out the club.
  4. Modest Mouse – Bury Me With It: When they first started playing the Casbah they didn’t draw all that well – maybe 50-75 people first time in.  They have since gone onto sell out 2500+ capacity venues in town.
  5. X – Los Angeles: One of my all time favorite bands, going back pre-Casbah days.  Their first gig at the club was in July 2000 for the Digital Club Network music festival, which was webcast all over the world to launch the short-lived Digital Club Network.
  6. Weezer – No One Else: They were originally booked as an opening act for New Kingdom but didn’t make the show due to a broken down van.  They then opened for Material Issue at the club and came back one more time under the name Goat Punishment in June 2000.
  7. R.L. Burnside – Come On In (part 2): He played the club a couple times and the show he did in 1999 was featured in Rolling Stone as a live review with a great full page photo of him sitting on the stage the Casbah.  He told amazing stories about playing the blues in Mississippi back in the day.
  8. Morphine – Cure for Pain: Morphine was one of the first big bands to play the new location when we opened there in early 1994. They went on to do a couple more shows locally at Brick by Brick and then the U.S. Grant Hotel  before Mark Sandman’s untimely passing.
  9. Supersuckers – Must’ve Been High: They’ve played both the old and new Casbah many times – this is off their country record, which is my favorite.
  10. The Strokes – Hard to Explain: They played the club right when their first record came out – there was a huge buzz about them.  I remember one of the band members having a bit too much to drink that night – epic show.
  11. Spoon – Sister Jack: They started playing the club back in late 1990′s and came through a few times before they really started to develop a big following.  Britt Daniels has spent some time in San Diego over the years working on songwriting.
  12. MGMT – Electric Feel: They played the club on a co-bill with Yeasayer in January 2008.  Next time they came through was playing at Southwest College for hte KBZT Independence Jam.  Great jam.
  13. Os Mutantes – Bat Macumba: I had been trying to book them for years and it always fell through, but we finally got them into the club in May 2013 – great show by some great, talented musicians.
  14. The Penetrators – Untamed Youth: Another band that I’ve been following/friends with pre-Casbah.  A couple of the members actually lived in my garage in early 80′s and they are playing their final show ever this month at the Casbah.
  15. Wanda Jackson – Fujiyama Mama: We had the pleasure of hosting Wanda Jackson a couple times in the early 2000′s and she was always very humble.  She travelled with her husband/road manager, Wendell.  She sent me a nice letter after the first show thanking the Casbah for its hospitality.
  16. TV on the Radio – Wolf Like Me: They played the club once just before they got really huge – was a great show to see – very intense!
  17. ? and the Mysterians – 96 Tears: The first time they played the club was the same night as the Rolling Stones were playing Jack Murphy Stadium in February 1998 and attendance was low.  Was an amazing show though and we had them back once more a few months later.  Super nice guys – stoked to be out playing after so many years had passed.
  18. Mudhoney  – Touch Me I’m Sick: Mark Arm is one of the coolest dudes I’ve met over the years – Mudhoney has played the club a number of times and they always put on an amazing show.
  19. The Dandy Warhols – Godless: The Dandy Warhols played the Casbah on the infamous tour with Brian Jonestown Massacre that was filmed for the documentary Dig.  They actually played the old location when they were first starting out – ultra cool peeps.
  20. Dave Edmunds – Queen of Hearts: Dave Edmunds played a solo show using a tape loop device to accompany himself.  Loved him back in the Rockpile/Nick Lowe days and we were very honored when he played the club in 2007.
  21. GBH – Give Me Fire: One of the old school punk rock bands that I used to book in the 1980′s pre-Casbah.  Super nice guys and always put on a great show.
  22. Cat Power – Satisfaction: Cat Power has played a few memorable shows over the years.  One of them she had a cast on her arm and we had rented a piano which she never ended up using during her set.  She was always very sweet to work with.
  23. Blue Cheer – Summertime Blues: They played the club a couple times and it was monumental to have them – big, loud, over the top.  Epic to see them play this live!
  24. The Black Keys – I’ll Be Your Man: The Black Keys started playing the Casbah back in 2003 and played a couple times at Casbah, then moved up to Brick, then House of Blues, then Soma, before going all big arena on us.
  25. ???: Join us Jan. 23rd to witness some mystery guests on stage, celebrating Tim and the Casbah!


Bakery Flea Thanks

A big thank you to everyone who came out to support us at The Bakery Flea at Gym Standard last month! Among the many who contributed vintage wares and design goods to the sale, we were able to send in a sizable donation to IRC Philippines disaster relief. A little Saturday went a long way!


Sculptural furniture pieces by mi-workshop 


Handcrafted wood serving boards by mi-workshop


The Gym Standard shop floor. 


With an appearance by the infamous golden chihuahuas.


The Bakery Flea at Gym Standard

the bakery at gym standard 500

Our studio will be hawking our wares at a mobile pop-up this Saturday (Nov. 16th) at Gym Standard. Come say hello!

2903 El Cajon Blvd. /// San Diego, California 92104

Located conveniently next to the fine beverage purveyors Coffee & Tea Collective and Tiger!Tiger!

Follow #BakeryFlea for a preview of the many vintage and design goods on hand… Put your holiday $$s to work – A majority of sales benefit Philippines disaster relief.

hand-crafted wood serving / cutting boards via mi-workshop

mi-workshop gym standard 1


serving boards mi-workshop gym standard 500

hand-crafted wood stools by mi-workshop

mi-workshop gym standard 2

with other curiosities and vintage oddities!

mi-workshop gym standard 3

gold chihuahuas gym standard 500

Invisible Creature for Uncle Goose

As if there wasn’t already enough to love about Uncle Goose (of the coveted House Industries collection), they’re dropping another line of non-toxic toy blocks this month, featuring the designs of Invisible Creature. Love this sneak peek of their build a monster concept >>>

See the Stack And Scare video from Invisible Creature

Gym Standard (a visual summary)

Gym Standard 6

Gym Standard…Open now! Go there!

We stopped by the grand opening to check out their selection of carefully curated design goods/magazines/and footwear. Gym Standard, headed by Edwin Negado (of Edwin Himself), is located conveniently in a pocket on El Cajon Blvd (at 30th) that houses other favorites Coffee & Tea CollectiveThe Homebrewer and Blind Lady Alehouse’s sister restaurant Tiger!Tiger!

Gym Standard 1

Art by San Diego artist Dane Danner graced the walls of their grand opening event. It was hard not to walk out with one of these pieces. We couldn’t be more excited about this addition to the creative community and are looking forward to future shows they’ve got in the works!

Drop by their shop to say hello, and follow their Instagram feed for the latest on their incoming design goods.

Gym Standard 4

Gym Standard 2

Gym Standard 3